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CHI Grand Round: RITHIM - A New Approach to Research in Manitoba

November 2, 2021 12pm CT

A panelist of presenters, including representation from Research Manitoba, The University of Manitoba, Shared Health, Manitoba Health and Seniors Care, and individual researchers will be providing an update on RITHIM's progress in the months before its official launch in January 2022. Presenters provided an overview of the upcoming RITHIM implementation plan and changes to the research submission process in Manitoba. Panelists also discussed the various organizational roles, responsibilities, and expectations. Following the presentation was a question and answer period.


  • Understand what RITHIM is and when it will be implemented.

  • Understand the significance of RITHIM and why so many organizations in Manitoba are working together to make it successful.

  • Understand how the changes will affect research teams and where you should go for submitting a new research project for approval once RITHIM is launched.

REB Harmonization Efforts Across Canada

April 7, 2021 12pm CT

A webinar held that promoted the research ethics review harmonization efforts from various organizations across Canada including Research Ethics BC, CARE, CHEER, Nova Scotia Health Authority, and RITHIM. 

Speakers featured include:

Early Career Researcher Day

February 26, 2021

At the University of Winnipeg's Early Career Researcher Day, RITHIM presented a short video highlighting a quick overview of the organization.

An Introduction to RITHIM hosted by Freyja Arnason, Manager, RITHIM

August 19 2020 10am CT

This webinar was an interactive presentation and Q&A hosted by Freyja Arnason of Research Manitoba.

Ethical Data Management Plans and Health Research Webinar, hosted by Dr. Chandra Kavanagh

June 25 2020 11am CT

Presented by RITHIM (Research Improvements Through Harmonization In Manitoba), this is a presentation and Q&A about data management methods in health research ethics hosted by Dr. Chandra Kavanagh.

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