On January 1, 2022, the Health Information Privacy Committee (HIPC) will be replaced with the Provincial Health Research Privacy Committee (PHRPC).

Changes to Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) legislation come into effect and enable the implementation of a harmonized health research approval process, which will improve time-to-conduct research.

PHRPC will:

  • review all health research protocols that require use of personal health information held by any trustee, including government and government agencies, and render a decision (e.g. approved, conditionally approved, not approved, requires revision)

  • this decision will inform and form part of the consolidated ethics and privacy review that will occur monthly when PHRPC and the Committee for Health Impact Privacy and Ethics Review (CHIPER) meet concurrently to conduct consolidated privacy and ethics reviews

Institutional impact reviews will continue to form an overall part of approvals and will not change on January 1st, 2022.

Institutional impact reviews will be brought into the full streamlined process when the electronic application, the Provincial Research Administration System, is implemented. This launch is anticipated for Spring 2022.


Current Process

After January 1, 2022, PHRPC will be reviewing all health research privacy review applications, until RITHIM's electronic system is active.  

During this time, applicants will continue to use the current HIPC application forms, and abide by the policies they have identified.

Below, please find a link to access the application page of HIPC.