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PHRPC Submission Requirements

Required documents for review of new submissions to PHRPC

To view all forms, please visit this page: Forms & Guides.

Application Form

Complete all questions in the application form. Applications that are not completed in full will not be reviewed by PHRPC. Referencing the protocol and/or attachments is not acceptable as an alternative to completing each section of the application form. All information must be typewritten. Do not use a font size smaller than ten points.

Data Extraction Form

If the research project uses administrative data: List the specific information/variables that will be extracted and collected from each administrative database. Data Extraction form may be provided within the application form or in a separate file but should be formatted as per instructions given in the application form.

If the study is accessing data at MCHP for research purposes, please contact MCHP to complete the feasibility form to ensure needed data is accessible, prior to completing an application to PHRPC.

If the research project uses historical records under the custody of the Archives of Manitoba:

The researcher must contact the Archives of Manitoba before applying to PHRPC to identify which records are available for access. An archivist with the Archives of Manitoba will assist the researcher in identifying the following information for the records being requested. This information to be included in the data extraction form:

  • The schedule number

  • The Government Record (GR) accession number

  • The item description

  • The dates of the file

  • The location code

For more information contact:

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

Only required if a research team member is aware of a conflict of interest

Proof of Funding

Submit a copy of a letter of support from the granting agency. If grant funding has not been awarded at the time of submission to the PHRPC, a letter of support for alternative funding must be attached i.e., if internal department funds will be used in lieu of grant funding, a letter of support from the department head is required.

Project Protocol

Please submit project proposal or protocol with your application. PHRPC requires that the information provided in the project protocol is also captured in the appropriate sections of the PHRPC application. In the case of discrepancy between the project protocol and the information provided in the PHRPC application, the latter will prevail.

Research Ethics Board

Submit a copy of ethics board approval. Note that a submission to ethics may be made concurrently with a submission to PHRPC; however, projects will not receive final PHRPC approval until the documentation is received by PHRPC.

Manitoba First Nations – Health Information Research Governance Committee or Other Appropriate First Nations, Métis, or Inuit Letter of Support (if applicable)

Stratification of analysis or outcomes according to First Nations, Métis, or Inuit populations requires letter(s) of support from appropriate First Nations, Métis, or Inuit partner(s).

Participant Information and Consent Form(s)

(if applicable)

Letter(s) of Invitation to Participate

(if applicable)

Questionnaires and Other Material to be Given to Participants

(if applicable)

* Completed submissions MUST be received by the posted submission deadline to be reviewed at the upcoming PHRPC meeting. Submit all PHRPC applications and supporting material in .zip format to

PHRPC Submission Requirements: List
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