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Streamlining Health Research Processes in Manitoba

Paving the way for health research in Manitoba through harmonizing processes for ethics, privacy and institutional impact review.


In progress

This website is being continually updated. If you have any questions currently about RITHIM, please use the contact page.


About Us

RITHIM is a provincial initiative to simplify health research ethics and privacy approvals. RITHIM is a new project of Research Manitoba.

As part of this RITHIM, we are creating a unified health research ethics and privacy review board for the province known as the Committee for Harmonized Health Impact, Privacy, and Ethics Review (CHIPER). When CHIPER begins reviewing applications in late 2021 it will replace the University of Manitoba’s Health Research Ethics Board (HREB) and Biomedical Research Ethics Board (BREB), as well as the Health Information Privacy Committee (HIPC) and other Research Ethics Boards that handle health research reviews in Manitoba. In addition to ethics and privacy reviews, CHIPER will streamline the institutional impact reviews across the province.  

We are also creating a new digital portal known currently as the Provincial Research Administration System (PRAS), where Principal Investigators can apply online to have their projects reviewed by CHIPER.

CHIPER will launch in phases beginning in November 2021.


Our Principles


Through frequent consultations with community stakeholders, we seek to support the research community in Manitoba by reducing application complexity through the creation of a new online system.

Many complex applications -> One.


The privacy and security of research data and personal health information is vital to protect. With experts in ethics and privacy participating on our CHIPER Committee, we will ensure that all health research conducted in Manitoba is aligned with the standards identified in the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA).


Through ongoing engagement with local, national and international partners focused on health research ethics and privacy, we aim to continuously improve and support Manitoba's research community.


RITHIM will provide transparency through the tracking of applications in the new electronic system and through regular reporting on CHIPER activities and the system. We will review our policies and guidelines to ensure that RITHIM remains flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of the research community in Manitoba.


Training Resources


Guidelines on using the new Provincial Research Application System for ethics and privacy approvals.



Information on the Personal Health Information Act and how to certify your research team.



What you need to know about the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

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