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Staff: Lab Members
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Liz Lylyk

Director, RITHIM

Liz has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare system including 16 years in the Clinical Trials Unit at CancerCare Manitoba. There, as the Resource Coordinator, Ethics & Regulatory Affairs, Liz held a key role in establishing standards, guidelines, and structure for clinical trial conduct. Liz is experienced in all aspects of clinical trials including research ethics board submissions, impact reviews, regulatory affairs, Health Canada submissions, consent development, pediatric trials, and investigator-initiated trials.

In her previous role as the Manager of RITHIM, Liz worked closely with the past Director of RITHIM and RITHIM Project Officers to support stakeholders including researchers, academic institutions, and health system partners to improve time-to-conduct for health research in Manitoba. Liz’s strong leadership and strategic abilities that she brought to her management role with RITHIM will benefit the program and team as she enters into her new role as the Director of RITHIM. Liz will continue to work toward completing the final phase of PRAS and resume stewarding the relationships with key stakeholders including researchers, post-secondary institutions, industry, government, and health system partners to foster research and innovation in Manitoba.

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Elaine Burland

RITHIM Program Officer (PHRPC)

Elaine received a PhD in Community Health Sciences and an MSc in Family Studies, both from the University of Manitoba. She worked at the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy (MCHP) from 2001-2020. Prior to joining MCHP, she worked for the South-Eastman Regional Health Authority as a research project coordinator for the ‘Tots Study’ and as a research coordinator for the Pembina Valley Learning Centre.

Throughout her career, she has had the opportunity to gain experience in many different areas including program evaluation, research program management, quantitative and qualitative research methods, and working with administrative data. 


Anna Glybina

RITHIM Program Officer (CHIPER)

Anna is an International Medical Graduate and worked as a Nephrologist prior to moving to Canada in 2016. Here she started her career in Clinical Research and worked in the role of Research Assistant at SOGH Chronic Disease Innovation Centre for over 5 years, thus gaining experience in managing all aspects of clinical trials and various other research projects. At RITHIM she will be working closely with other Coordinators on coordinating submissions, review committee meetings, and providing support to researchers, members, and stakeholders.


Mark Pinder

RITHIM Program Officer (Software and Training)

Mark holds a MSc in Human Nutrition from the University of Manitoba. After several years of working on nutrition and exercise studies, Mark transitioned to a Clinical Trials Coordinator role where he spent three years running drug intervention studies with high risk/high morbidity populations.

Mark brings a wealth of experience in all aspects of trial management including ethics, privacy, impact approvals, and interacting with regulatory bodies. At RITHIM, Mark works to implement and provide ongoing training and support for the Provincial Research Administration System (PRAS) for all stakeholders, researchers, and support staff in Manitoba.

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