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RITHIM is a provincial initiative involving multiple stakeholders to improve time-to-conduct for health research in Manitoba.

RITHIM is unique across Canada in that it will harmonize ethics, privacy and institutional impact review processes, creating a more efficient process for health research reviews in Manitoba.

January 1st, 2022, was a key milestone and important step for the RITHIM program, as the PHIA amendments that enable RITHIM were proclaimed. RITHIM is now operating in a transitional phase until later in 2022, when the launch of the new electronic system will harmonize the application process and streamline reviews. To learn more about the transitional phase click here for latest updates:


RITHIM Responsibilities Chart

The below chart shows how the full RITHIM application process will function once the electronic system launches.

Click on the image below to open as a PDF.

Research Application Reviews - RITHIM's Role 07DEC2021.png