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RITHIM has created several multidiscliplinary committees to provide guidance and experience vital to the project. Below are some of the current active committees.

Provincial RITHIM Committee

The Provincial RITHIM Committee (PRC) was introduced in 2019 as part of the RITHIM initiative to improve and harmonize impact, privacy and ethics reviews of human health research in Manitoba. The PRC will be a subcommittee of the Research Manitoba board. The PRC’s primary responsibility is to ensure that the Committee for the Harmonization of Health Impact, Privacy, and Ethics Review (CHIPER) is accountable and independent. The PRC will enhance, guide, and support the harmonization of ethics, privacy, and impact review for the RITHIM division of Research Manitoba. The PRC will draw upon the experience and knowledge of the stakeholders with expertise in privacy and health research of Manitoba. The PRC is accountable to the Research Manitoba Board of Directors and will provide annual reporting on CHIPER operations to the Research Manitoba Board of Directors, the Minister of Health, Seniors & Active Living, and the stakeholders in the health research community in Manitoba. The PRC reports through the CEO of Research Manitoba in accordance with the RITHIM evaluation plan.

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Privacy Community Of Practice

A community of practice with membership from privacy professionals in the health system, provincial government and post-secondary institutions.

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Impact Community of Practice

A community of practice with membership from professionals involved in the institutional impact review process, which focuses on the feasibility of the research within the health system.​

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RITHIM Advisory Committee

A semi-annual meeting committee that overviews the guiding goals, timelines, and status of the RITHIM project.

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Software Advisory Committee

With an eye towards the needs of researcher applicants, reviewers, and organizational impact, this committee builds and tests the software that drives the main goals of RITHIM.

This committee includes investigators, administrators, and technology developers.

RITHIM Project Team

Members of this team meet on a weekly or biweekly basis to pull together all the elements required for RITHIM's launch.

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